Mind over Money matters

Freeing your mindset and moving away from being stuck about negative money blockages is the key to receiving. Find out more…


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Denise Neville

I have always had an interest in people’s development and growth


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Creating Your Life

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It is time to unblock your Negative Money Thoughts!

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I create the insight for females to see their negative money thoughts

Don’t ever kid yourself that your mind does NOT affect you receiving the money you deserve, because it does.

By freeing your mind of blockages, sabotages, negativity, you have the opportunity to receive.

How does this happen, you may ask?

Quite easy – you clean out all your toxins. Your toxins can be, anger, bitterness, hatred, fear, self-doubt, frustration and many more. However, do not forget that what attaches to these toxins are your negative emotions. Seriously the emotions are a major part of not receiving.

By cleaning out, you connect to who you really are, you claim back your financial  freedom – freedom from worrying, and you claim back your worthiness, and you can then start looking at a plan.

Let’s just take one of those toxins, fear, if you are hanging onto FEAR, you will NOT receive, you need to clear it.

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