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I would like to have a discussion about ’Day Care Centres’

The other day I went to a Day Care Centre to pick up my eldest grandson and granddaughter with my daughter-in-law.

First stop at the centre was to pick up my grandson. I walked down a long, very clean corridor with rooms on the right side of the corridor for the children. Each room has a special name, e.g. Blue Tribe, Red Tribe. The purpose of naming the rooms Tribes, is for children to develop a sense of belonging, and it is this environment which allows each child to explore and develop in a safe, nurturing and fun environment. The whole section where my grandson was, was so clean, spacious, and had a fun and exciting atmosphere to it.

The children were outside playing having fun while being watched by the Educators when we arrived. My grandson was just walking inside from being outside to go to the toilet when we arrived. This is what shocked me, he is toilet trained, however, he walked inside, walked to the little toilet cubicles (so cute) pulls down his pants, sits on the toilet, presses the button when he is finished, puts his clothes back on, walks to the hand basin, presses the soap dispenser, turns on the tap washes his hands, pulls down some paper towels to wipe his hands, puts the paper towels in the bin, and off he goes.

This little tacker is only 2 ½ , the staff member stood there allowing him, his independence and learning to occur, even if his clothes were on back to front.

The staff are beautiful, one Educator spoke to my daughter in law about my grandsons positive day, everyone was happy. My grandson cuddles one of the Educators to say goodbye, and off we go to pick up my granddaughter, which is in the same building.

Once again, clean inviting rooms, my granddaughter was sitting outside on the ground with one of the Educators when we arrived.She was happy, in her own little world looking around, very contented. The Educator was beautiful and caring, spoke to my daughter in law about my granddaughter’s positive day- she is only 6 months old.

The purpose of this story is because, I have never been a big fan of ‘Day Care Centres, especially when the children are young, (personal opinion) well , ‘I have to eat my words’.

When I saw such a beautiful place, witnessed two Educators who really cared about my grandchildren, I saw things differently.

So, what was my mental shift? What was it that made me change my opinion?

My thoughts on the above two questions:

  • Witnessing how happy my grandchildren were
  • Witnessing how beautiful the two  Educators were
  • Witnessing what a beautiful clean/spacious centre it was
  • Having the ability to keep an open mind and learn.

If it is possible for me to keep an open mind and learn, then how come it is so difficult for many people to do this?

How many roadblocks do you have? What is the reason you are hanging onto them?

To finish off, I would love to hear from you about your thoughts on day care centres?

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