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What stops us from getting to where we want to get to?

Is it money? Is it a vision? Is it knowing who YOU are? Is it a dream YOU don’t believe in? Are YOU dreaming too big? Do YOU have a lot of negative energy around? Do YOU have self-doubt?

Sure, we can go around and around in circles questioning, arguing, living in self – pity, blaming others, sabotaging ourselves, and still not moving forward

Have YOU ever wondered why YOU are playing A grade and then dropped to C grade? YOU are a size 12 one day and then back to a size 16? YOU finally find a partner YOU want to be with and then the relationship ends, again?

One way to clear all of these ups and downs, is is through EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).Do YOU finally want to make a lasting change?, If not now, then when? When YOU have had enough stress YOU can’t take any more? Or when YOU are so sick YOU can’t work out what is going on?

EFT consists of tapping with the fingertips at the end points of the body’s energy meridians, similar to Acupuncture without the needles, so it does not hurt. YOU focus on the negative emotions and commence tapping, pretty easy and very effective. YOU will be amazed with the results, I have used this for years and I must say, I did not believe in it, until I did it.

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