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Our Expression comes through our emotions. How many times do you hold back on your emotions, when wanting to express yourself? Or, how many times do you allow your emotions  to take over and you regret it afterward? How many times are you in control of a conversation when you are busting to let loose on those emotions?

Expressing  your  emotions  is so, so important. If we suppress them, they sit there and fester, they may even cause stress, anxiety, ill health, weight loss, weight gain, have relationship issues and the list goes on

There is a fine line in ‘expressing’  your emotions  to using your emotions  to hurt someone, manipulate someone, make someone feel guilty. We are meant to have emotions, good ones, and negative ones, and, we are meant to express them.

Sharing your feelings honestly and directly is healthy, it releases the negative emotional energy which is caught up in your body and you have a right

What stops you from ‘emotional self – expression’?

  • Fear you may hurt someone
  • Fear people won’t like you
  • Fear you don’t want people to see another side of you
  • Fear because you actually do not know how to express your emotions
  • Fear you do not want to “rock the boat”
  • Fear people will turn their back on you
  • Fear people will call you ‘stupid’, ‘selfish’
  • Fear of having people misunderstand you, and then your stomach becomes all churned up
  • Fear that sometimes you can’t ‘get the words right’ or ‘finding the words’ to express what you mean or feel
  • You prefer to withdraw within and suffer rather than speak your mind

All of the above is very common and you are not alone

Isn’t it better for your own health and sanity to release/express your emotions?  You can do this by talking to me, an experienced practitioner by booking in via Skype or Phone.

Remember, Phone 043 88 44 688, Skype denneville88 or, if you would like to email me with any questions please do so at denise@tranzform.com.au

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