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Are you at the stage where you are thinking why is everyone else reaching their financial goals and I am not? It can be so frustrating sitting there watching everyone else achieve and you do not.

When you are sitting there watching other people succeed quite often your self-worth drops, you start doubting yourself and may even give up on what you want to achieve.

Please do not ever stop for what you want, take time out and look at what is stopping you from having what you want.

I am sorry to say this, but the reason may be you. Yep, we are all culprits of not allowing ourselves for not succeeding, so please do not beat yourself up because you are not alone.

Have you ever noticed when you focus on something you want, I mean really, really focus and that is all you think about (no negative thoughts come into it), you do achieve? That is because the universe rewards what we think. The more you think about what you want the more you get. So if you are thinking (mindset) about wealth, growth, abundance that is what you receive, however, if you have any fear, have a critical mind or self-doubt, negative emotions, you will not receive, because your thoughts are not vibrating with your feelings.

It is learning what is causing the critical mind, fear, self-doubt, negative emotions that is very important.

It is so, so important to take time out, work on yourself, as there is something deep, deep down which is stopping you, which is sabotaging/blocking you. Basically, you are stopping yourself and probably, You are not aware that you are doing this.

There is a way to get to where you want to get to, there is a way to see what your sabotage is, there is a way for you to put a stop to it.

How? By doing exercises and being honest with yourself because you have to dig very deep to get to the outcome. When you go deep you start to see a repeat pattern, that is when you ask yourself Is this pattern/situation connected to me not achieving what I want? If it is not, then go deeper.

I have developed an exercise for you to go through. It consists of many questions for you to answer, questions which may give you ‘a light bulb’ moment. You can do this in your own time, you do not have to share, this is just for you, my gift to you.

I offer this to you free. I am very keen to build a community of women where they are achieving what they want.

Pop me an email and I will email you the questionnaire. My email address is denise@tranzform.com.au

Keep smiling

DeniseMobile: +61 4388 44688

Mobile: +61 4388 44688

E: denise@tranzform.com.au

Skype: denneville88

W: www.tranzform.com.au

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