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Manifesting is the buzz word, it is the ‘in’ thing to manifest. Well if it is so huge, how come not everyone manifests as well as others?

Answer: YOUR mind/thoughts. Al l those negative thoughts which flow through YOUR mind each day, triggers a negative emotion. This is where YOU do not manifest as well as others.

The emotion has taken over and is not allowing YOU to move forward, basically, the emotion is blocking YOU from moving forward.

Now, YOU may be saying,” but I visualise”, “I do affirmations”, “I do journal writing” etc,etc, these are all great tools to use. The point here is, they will not work unless YOU unblock what is stopping YOU from moving forward.

HaveYOU ever noticed when YOU do an affirmation that it does not feel right? YOUR body e.g. stomach is uncomfortable, or YOUR  shoulders are heavy, these are signs that something requires working on.

YOUR thoughst, YOUR emotions.

How do YOU work on YOURSELF to unblock? The technique which I use and have seen such great outcomes is EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique.

It just works!!!!

If you are ready to manifest, then I am ready to work with you.

Here  are my fabulous details – denise@tranzform.com.au or 043 88 44 688

Keep smiling

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