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I had the most beautiful experience this week – meeting my new Grandson. Having a grandchild is one of the most beautiful gifts one can be given.

Sitting, cuddling my grandson, I started thinking about the role of Motherhood. My grandchildren have gorgeous, young professional Mothers, who balance being a wonderful Mum, Wife/Partner and Business Woman. How do they do it? How can they be a professional business woman and yet give so much of themselves? Sure, they may or may not have a great support structure (family/friends, but they still have to find the energy and time for their children. Children need their parents, children need security and boundaries and love and comfort and giggles and fun – that does not fall out of the air, that is part of parenting.

I realise their husbands/partners play an important role in this as well, but I was looking at this from a female perspective and the emotional drain it can have on these two young women. When they are tired, do they stop loving and caring for their children, NO!!!  Do they regret having children NO! their children are important to them, and they will find the resources from within to give to them.

The children do not live in an environment of verbal abuse, physical abuse, yelling, screaming. They live in an environment of peace, happiness, giggles, discipline, boundaries, fun, love and harmony.

Is it harmony which many families find hard to have? Are some Mum’s so tired from working and caring for their children that they are exhausted? Coming home from work, do the children put  their stress levels up another level? hence- the family home could be lacking harmony.

Why is it, that I walk into my childrens’ home and there is harmony? What is that they do and yet other families do not do?

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