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From a dreamer to a believer

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From a Dreamer to a Believer

I remember as a little girl I use to dream about being successful. I use to dream about being on stage, a movie star. I always got excited about being a movie star and dancing and acting on stage, having fun.

I could see myself there acting away, laughing and having fun and not taking anything too serious. It was a dream and I never did anything about it. I went along with life going to school, studying and getting a job. I never questioned it.

As I did go along with life I still dreamt of being a movie star or successful in a way where I was helping people, telling a story, helping them laugh, helping them believe in themselves, portraying something which would boost them. It has always been inside me and I had always loved talking, helping, solving problems.  I wanted to inspire, empower, do role plays and lead women, I wanted them to be awesome, (just like those movie stars)That was me, what or how can I help women, was the burning question?.

I would sit at social functions and listen to people and their problems, for some unknown reason I would be the one, people would open up to. Was that like acting? Acting out the part, maybe I was the counselor in the movie I was dreaming about, who knows, but my imagination was wild.

Not quite acting

One of my career paths was training and I just loved it, here was me on stage. I just got so much energy from it and I loved watching the participants have ‘light bulb’ moments.

Still, I kept dreaming about being more successful, I did not want to be training for a company forever. What that meant was, having my own business, inspiring, leading, empowering women and having fun (always fun, just the same as me acting) Once I had decided what I wanted to do (this came by an experience I had and I realised that was it I must set up my business from this experience) I then started questioning myself about can I make enough money, will people be wanting to pay what I ask for? There were some money blocks I needed to look at. Once I had done that, there was no looking back and I started believing.

The reason for my story

My story is to help you understand that if you had/have dreams of what you wanted to do, have you achieved them? If you have not, what has stopped you?

Sometimes it can be, I do not have the funds to fund what I want to do. There is an opportunity right there for you to look at your money sabotages. Money sabotages can be so simple as ‘I do not have the money to fund this’, that thought will stop the flow of money coming to you, pretty simple hey?

I have so much personal experience in this area and from that experience, I have developed a program, questionnaires etc. The questionnaires can give you the opportunity to see if you have any or many sabotages which you were not aware of. What a breakthrough they can be!

Learn about your sabotages

I want you to achieve the same as I have, I do not want you to be thinking “everyone else can be successful but I can’t”. Success can mean many things, it does not necessarily mean setting up a business. For me, it was looking at my childhood money sabotages, that was a huge breakthrough.

So whether it is setting up a business, working for someone or budgeting at home, the sabotages could be there and stopping you.

Contact me and we can have a chat https://tranzform.com.au/contact/

keep being Miraculous


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