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Choosing MONEY as a ‘Personal Value’ does it work?

By December 14, 2018 No Comments

I want to touch on the subject of ‘Personal Values’.


Do you find yourself going around and around in circles?

Are you having difficulty making a decision?

Are you feeling confused?

Is self-doubt consuming you?

Are you feeling insecure at the moment?


If that is the case, go back to your Values. Values are one of the subjects I just love talking about, taking clients through exercises to get to their true values, which then gives them stability.

Values are like our Compass, they are your rudder steering you and when you are off balance this is a great time to take some time out and reflect on your values. Values do change as you go along in life, so it is important to check in on them.

No two person’s Values are the same and no one person’s value is better than the other person. They are personal and belong to you only.


Let’s look at one particular area which people refer to as a ‘Personal Value’ such as MONEY. You may have money as one of your ‘Personal Values’  and yet you are not receiving money, abundance or even extra money. There is a reason for that, a ‘Personal Value’ is intangible. You cannot touch, smell, taste or hear a value, you can touch MONEY’, therefore this is not a true ‘Personal Value’.

If you have chosen MONEY as your  ‘Personal Value’ and you are not receiving, you need to do a fair bit of work to filter down to your true ‘Personal Value’ which is intangible.


Now, to filter down to your true ‘Personal Value’ is hard work and in most cases takes quite a while to work through, but, it is worth it.  I can help you with this, we can talk about what to do, OR, is NOW the time to conquer your    FEARS and SABOTAGES?    start 2019 with clarity and abundance, enquire here:  https://tranzform.com.au/contact/


I would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and the most wonderful festive season.

Thank you so much for reading my BLOGS and newsletters. May 2019 be the year you would like it to be and you are surrounded with abundance, love, and happiness.

Keep Smiling and

        Be Miraculous

Denise Neville

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