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What is your word for 2019

By April 24, 2019 No Comments

At the beginning of each year we are asked what is our ‘New Years Resolution’? I have always struggled with this, because, “What do I choose?” I have so many to choose from? How do I make this resolution happen? There always seems to me to be a lot of pressure so early in the year.

At the beginning of each year, I ask my clients, “What is their WORD for the year?” What I mean by that is, “What Inspires you? What is important to you? What do you want to see?” These are deep questions, but boy they are powerful.

I would like to give you some examples to help you.

You may want to choose:


This is how it works, you choose your WORD and you welcome it into your life with an open heart and open arms: You breathe it, feel it, You manifest it, it inspires You. You repeat the word often (it is like a Mantra). This is very empowering and there is no pressure or stress attached to it.

I would like to take this one step further and let’s say you have chosen the WORDChange and you may want to have Change in the area of Money. So you are saying the word Change, twenty-thirty times a day and nothing is happening, you are becoming frustrated and annoyed. Don’t give up, this is your WORD for 2019 what do you need to do to Change things?

This can lead to a perfect opportunity to register for the ‘Mind Over Money Matters’ program. This program is so awesome, it allows you to work on it at your own pace, it gives you the opportunity to learn about your Money Blocks you may have and it gives you an opportunity to understand yourself. It gives you an opportunity to grow and Change your Money situation to the positive.

It is personal, no one else can see it or read it unless you wish to share. You have the opportunity to work with me after every second path and you start to gain clarity. You are empowered!!!!

If you would like more information about the program Click here If you would like to ask me questions or register for the program email me.

I would love the opportunity to work with you. I have done this program myself and have achieved things such as:
Winning a shopping centre competition
Being accepted to write articles
Being one of six authors for a book
Doubling my income in one year
I can choose what to buy when I want to
I am not driven by a tight budget
I do not doubt my ability

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