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Medicine or Myth?

By July 4, 2019 No Comments

Does anyone watch the program Medicine or Myth on SBS Demand?

I watched the program for the first time a few weeks back as the panel were curious about the methodology of EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique = Tapping.

There are three panelists on the show,

  • Neurosurgeon Dr. Charlie Teo leads the judging panel and is no stranger to complementary medicine.
  • Dr. Ginni Mansberg brings over 20 years of experience to the panel as a GP.
  • Associate Professor Ash Haque explains the biochemistry behind the home remedies.

When it was time to evaluate EFT after being shown the process, have it explained and the benefits, there certainly were doubts there from the panel. I personally felt the first person with an open mind on this was Dr. Charlie Teo. It is something very different and can seem like a little wacky.

Credit to the panelists they sent it out to a small market of people for research. The outcome was positive so they then sent it out to a larger market, the outcome was still positive.

EFT certainly did receive positive comments and that validated my thinking.

I studied EFT and became an EFT Practitioner Level 2. I believe in it so much and during my studies, I witnessed some amazing results with clients attending. I am not talking about ‘I want more money’, ‘my leg hurts’, ‘I feel so sad’, no, I am talking about serious issues. The outcome for the attendees was astonishing.

If EFT is in the right hands it works. Anyone can learn this on Youtube and that is fine if you have a headache, earache, sore leg …    however, our emotions are attached to whatever is going on and this is what has to be cleared and that is what a trained Practitioner does. This is something I am passionate about. I believe in it, I walk the talk.

I have used this technique for quite a number of years, I have used it with clients and I have seen amazing results. I do think personally the biggest block is ourselves. If we decide something is not going to work, then it will not.

This is no different from ‘Negative Money Thoughts’. If we tell ourselves we do not have these thoughts and yet our behaviour, our talk, and our emotions are sending out the negative messages, bingo, there it is, we need to acknowledge and then we move on in life. EFT can certainly remove these Negative Money Thoughts if in the correct hands of a qualified EFT Practitioner.

If you are at the stage of wanting to book a Session of EFT or registering for the Mind over Money Matters program please contact by clicking on denise@tranzform.com.au

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