Denise Neville

Denise Neville

Denise is trained in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Counselling and Emotional Freedom Technique, and is particularly passionate about helping people to break through negative money thoughts and transitions. Be it from one career step to another, or one way of thinking to another more effective, positive way that opens up new doors to success.

Much of her work has focused on womens’ growth and wellbeing – helping women understand their fears and negative thought patterns, and understanding themselves – an element Denise sees as vital to any of her training.

As a course facilitator, Denise draws on her personal, industry and theoretical experience, while leveraging coaching techniques and a personable communication style. Her client feedback reflects her “innate ability to deal effectively and efficiently with identifying and focusing on her clients’ needs” and commitment to working in partnership with each client – to ensure strategy and solutions are designed to meet their desired outcomes.

Denise is also the Co-Author of Creating your life: Mindfulness and Meditation.