Mind over Money Matters

Freeing your mindset and moving away from being stuck about negative money blockages is the key to receiving. Once you are free, you will have so much energy to manifest whatever you want in life. There will be no heavyweight, weighing you down. There will be no more ‘doubting’ yourself, there will be no more excuses, there will be no more SABOTAGING,

You are sick of being stuck, being in a mess, not receiving the money you want? I get that!

You can’t see where the next dollar is coming from? I get that!

Mind over Money Matters is the program which removes the doubt and brings in the clarity.

Mind over Money Matters offers six paths to the program. Each path giving you the opportunity to TranZform®  your mindset about money.

You are now connected to us. We have the program and tools for you – welcome!

Path 1:

Spill the beans

The very first part of this program is to look at ‘Your Story’.

Path 4:

The power of the mind and You

How to change your mindset,  looking at ways and ideas to help change your mindset.

Path 2:

The amazing You

The most important thing is to work on Yourself.

Path 5:

The steps to take for progress

Moving forward no need to be stuck anymore.

Path 3:

Getting down to the Nitty – Gritty

Getting down to the nitty-gritty of things. Looking at what you need to do.

Path 6:

Opening up the doors

Set aside some quiet, alone time, so that you can really focus.

The program offers:

6 x Paths to undertake

+ 1 x 30 – minute Coaching Session after every second path.

+ unlimited emails to ask questions.

Check This Out

Take off  YOUR MASK to receive

At times in our life, we may choose to wear a mask to protect ourselves from whatever is happening at the time. This program is about understanding the reason you wear a Mask and letting go of it. There is nothing wrong with wearing a MASK, it is more about you becoming aware of, YOU do not need it NOW, or YOU are getting closer to removing it.

What is in the course?

There are four paths to remove the MASK

Path 1

Understanding yourself

Path 2

What is YOUR MASK used for?

Path 3

How do you express yourself?

Path 4

Say goodbye to the OLD you

Course Fee: $298

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