Take off YOUR MASK to receive


At times in our life, we may choose to wear a mask to protect ourselves from whatever is happening at the time.

This program is about understanding the reason you wear a Mask and letting go of it.

There is nothing wrong with wearing a MASK, it is more about, you need to become aware of – 1)  YOU do not need it NOW, or 2)  YOU are getting closer to removing it.

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What is Take off YOUR MASK to receive about

You keep getting frustrated because you dream, you set goals, you do affirmations, you visualise and yet nothing is happening. Could it be, you are wearing a MASK for a reason you have chosen to wear it? If so, you are not being the real you, by not being the real you, you are stopping yourself from receiving.

Did a light bulb come on then?

That is why so many women achieve, because they are authentic, aligned with who they are and you too can receive.

Who is this course for?

Anyone who is ready to live a life of receiving and not needing to hide anymore. Anyone who is ready to remove the MASK which they do not require any more. Anyone who is ready to be authentic.

What is in the course?

There are four paths to remove the MASK

  1. Path 1: Understanding yourself
  2. Path 2: What is YOUR MASK used for?
  3. Path 3: How do you express yourself?
  4. Path 4: Say goodbye to the OLD you.